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Experience & Quality



Elprom Heavy Industries is recognized as a famous manufacturer of Power Transformers and Tap Changers both in the country and abroad. The main part of our production is intended for export as we have successfully entered the International market thanks to our continuous efforts to study and satisfy our customer requirements.
Elprom Heavy Industries satisfies the demands of the Bulgarian Power Generating System except for three phase Power Transformers of over 200 MVA and 400 kV. Most of the products are determined for the international markets such as:  Europe (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Spain, UK), Asia (Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, India, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates), Africa (Algeria, Cape Verde, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia), America (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Venezuela).
There is a tendency of recovering and extending of the main markets for Tap Changers as a separate product. The products are exported to Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Macedonia, Republic of Korea, Vietnam, India, China, Italy. Transformers with built-in Tap Changers are exported to Egypt, Greece, Pakistan, OAE and Russia. The On Load Tap Changers type RS 9, RS 5, RS 6, RS 12 and RS 21 have been tested in the independent laboratories: KEMA - Netherlands, CESI - Italy, ZKU - Chech Republic, which are internationally acknowledged.
The OLTCs have been awarded Golden medals at the International Fairs in Leipzig - Germany, Zagreb - Croatia, Plovdiv - Bulgaria.
In 2007 the RS series was awarded Golden Medal at the Plovdiv Technical Fair.
The Transformers have successfully passed type tests in ICMET Kraiova - Romania for Power Transformers 50/66 MVA, 161/34,5 kV; 26,86 MVA, 66/11,82 kV and in KEMA - Netherlands for Power Transformer 10/13 MVA, 132/11,5 kV.



The quality of the products manufactured in Elprom Heavy Industries is determined on the grounds of the respective Bulgarian and International Standards, including:




ANSI C57; BDS 3067-90; BDS 5060-84; BDS EN 60044-1; BDS EN 60044-2; BDS EN 60076; BDS EN 60551; IEC 60076; IEC 60044-1; IEC 60044-2


   Tap Changers:      


BDS 7459-76; BDS EN 60214; IEC 60214:2003


In the conditions of intensified competition on the world market, the prosperity and further development of our organization depends mainly on keeping the existing and on entering new markets for our products.
This aim can be fulfilled only by continuous improvement and modernization of the whole work process, for the purpose of quoting high quality and competitive products, completely meeting the market requirements.
The above mentioned determines as well the policy of  Elprom Heavy Industries management.
The Management is trying to find the optimum balance between high quality, ecological conformity and labour security conditions to meet as much as possible the requirements of the customers, the regulations, the staff and the society. The organization works on the grounds of a developed busines plan in which investments for improvement of procedures and activities related to quality, environment, health and labour security are included.
The Management has its irrevocable and confirmed policy and targets on quality, protection of the environment and creation of proper conditions for health and labour safety.
The Management is involved in the implementation and the support of integrated system for quality, environment, health and labour safety management which provides:
  • Management of the quality according to the requirements of BDS EN ISO 9001:2015 to the complete satisfaction of the customer requirements and winning recognition on the European market as a manufacturer of Transformers, Tap Changers and accessories
  • Attaining the requirement for 'stable development' by fulfilling the requirements for environment management according to ISO 14001:2015 and the applicable requirements of the regulations created by a legislative body or other empowered organ
  • Control of the health risks and security of the staff and other related parties by applying the requirements of ISO 45001:2018
  • Observation of the regulation for the products, on protection of the environment and assuring labour security
The Management policy on quality, environment, health and Labour security is supported by the whole staff.



Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety

“Elprom Heavy Industries” JSC is recognized as a reliable manufacturer of Power Transformers and HV Electrical Apparatuses both in the country and abroad. The main part of our production is exported to the international markets thanks to our continuous efforts to study and satisfy our customer requirements.
In a constantly intensifying competition in the global market, development and prosperity of the company depends heavily on keeping the existing clients and entering new markets for our products.
Based on a process-based approach and risk-based thinking, “Elprom Heavy Industries” JSC, optimizes its activities in order to achieve adequacy, expediency, quality mind, safety working conditions and environmental protection, fulfilment of the obligations to all interested parties, legal requirements and strategic goals of the organization.
The achievement of these goals is possible only through the continuous efforts for improvement and supply of high-quality products, completely meeting the market requirements, produced under occupational health and safety conditions and environmental protection.
The management policy of “Elprom Heavy Industries” JSC is therefore determined by:
 Complete understanding and satisfaction of the interested parties’ needs and expectations.
 Minimizing the negative impact on the environment
 Ensuring occupational health and safety of the employees
The management considers that the implementation of this policy is only possible through the integration of the quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management system (in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018) with business processes in the organization and its effective functioning.
This implies the necessity for:
• Active participation of all management personnel establishing and reviewing trends, goals and objectives for quality, environment, occupational health and safety, and to create an environment where employees are able to contribute their achievement.
• A new way of thinking in every employee, through awareness and training in order to realize the impact of his / her activity and responsibility for implementing the policy and quality objectives, environmental and occupational health and safety.
• Precise identification and management of all necessary management system processes.
• Application of a process approach to ensure continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Management System, eliminating barriers in the management hierarchy and boundaries between the subdivisions in the overall organization structure
• Managing processes and their interactions and comparison of policy and objectives with indicators developed at different levels of management.
• Taking actions to: collect objective information; analyse process efficiency; achieve conformity of the products and customer satisfaction; ensure effectiveness of the management system for the planning and implementation of continuous improvement.
• Establishment of good business relationships with our suppliers under the conditions for reducing environmental impact, health and safety risks.
• Commitment to compliance with the applicable interested parties’ requirements regarding the management system, product quality, environment and OHS.
For the purpose of achieving the declared company policy, the management will carry out result-oriented activity for achieving the following main objectives:
1. Continuous improvement of the parameters and quality of the company’s products and services.
2. Continuous improvement of environmental performance by developing and implementing investment programs and “good practices” directed to continually reducing environmental impact.
3. Continuous hazards identification, risk and opportunity assessment, determining controls, establishing measures and providing necessary recourses in accordance with OHS obligations.
4. Continuous improvement of the staff qualification to achieve high labour quality, reducing environmental impact and OHS.
5. Periodic evaluation of the achieved results of the quality improvement, environmental preservation, occupational health and safety, system control over the implementation of the assigned tasks and accountability.
Management believes that all employees of “Elprom Heavy Industries” JSC are fully aware of the role of quality of our products, environmental preservation, occupational health and safety and prosperity of the company.
Management believes that all employees regarding their individual obligations, skills and position will contribute for policy implementation and effective functioning of the quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management system.



Experience & Quality
ISO 14001-2015
Experience & Quality
ISO 45001:2018
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ISO 9001:2015
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