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Charity Christmas Market Elprom Heavy Industries

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One of the most festive months of the year has begun. Christmas is approaching and we are all starting to think about presents. There's nothing quite like a festive market to bring out the Christmas spirit in people.

That’s why, here at Elprom Heavy Industries we decided to hold a Charity Christmas Market. The company’s employees’ve prepared beautiful handmade gifts, souvenirs and all kinds of small items. There was also a big variety of Christmas cookies and sweets. A beautiful Christmas decoration adorned the atmosphere.

We managed to raise a big amount of money which we will donate to the Bulgarian Red Cross program Hot lunch which is being implemented for the 18th consecutive year. It was launched in 2004 and has so far provided free food to a total of 20,448 needy children across the country. 

The main goal is to support disadvantaged students and their parents. Very often the free hot lunch that these children receive every day during the school year in the dining rooms of the Bulgarian Red Cross is the only reason for them to attend classes.

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