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    Elprom Heavy Industries successfully passed an audit by KEPCO

    We at Elprom Heavy Industries have fostered many strong client relationships during our 70 years of history but few are more successful than our cooperation with the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), the largest utility in Korea and one of the largest in the world.

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    Elprom Heavy Industries appeal to customers

    Elprom team is deeply saddened by the events taking place in the world and wishes peace to be restored with all their hearts!

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    The Latest Development of Elprom Heavy Industries – RSV 22

    As a result of numerous researches, analyzes and tests, the latest development of Elprom Heavy Industries - RSV 22 has successfully passed type tests under the inspection of the internationally accredited laboratory CESI, Italy with the participation of KEPCO, Korea.

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    New 275 MVA Transformer

    In December 2020 Hyundai Heavy Industries Bulgaria deliver 275 MVA Generator Step-Up Transformer for one of the Key Thermal Power Plants in Bulgaria.

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    A New Motor-drive unit was reveled in ENERGETAB exhibition

    Together with our local representative Ekofluid Polska we had the opportunity to present to the visiting professionals the newest addition to our product line – the motor drive unit for tap changers MZ11

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    HHIB Transformers operational in a 110/10(20) kV Ilirida substation

    Kosovo: Kosovo’s transmission system operator (TSO) KOSTT has completed works on the 110/10/20) kV Ilirida substation with 110 kV underground transmission lines, according to a press release from KOSTT.

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    HHIB in Moscow - 2018

    Hyundai Heavy Industry Co. Bulgaria took part in the exhibition reaching out to many existing and potential clients in Russia.

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    Inspection and Maintenance of RS6 and RS9 in Bucharest, Romania

    Earlier this month SMART Sibiu, a major maintenance provider for the transmission grid in Romania performed a series of maintenance activities in a number of substations owned by ELCEN Bucharest, one of the largest electricity suppliers in the country.