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Learn more about the latest news and events

  • 1-S.Arabia_261x261_crop_and_resize_to_fit_478b24840a

    Visit in the Middle East

    Detailed technical presentation and discussion with companies directly responsible for the electrical grids of the country have been held in Saudi Arabia.

  • SAM_1814_261x261_crop_and_resize_to_fit_478b24840a

    Exhibition in Dubai

    For the second year HHIB will take part in the exhibition Middle East Electricity 2014,which will be held from 11 to 13 February 2014 in Dubai World Trade Centre. Welcome to Hall 4, Stand 4C10.

  • RS12_261x261_crop_and_resize_to_fit_478b24840a

    Dubai – New HHIB market

    The first contract was concluded with Emirates Transformers & Switchgear Ltd. – Dubai for Tap Changer type RS12-D-400.

  • Saudi Arabia_2_261x261_crop_and_resize_to_fit_478b24840a

    HHIB Presentations in Saudi Arabia

    HHIB has performed tap changer presentations participating in seminars.

  • Oman_261x261_crop_and_resize_to_fit_478b24840a

    HHIB Presentations in Oman

    Presentations were organized in Oman for HHIB tap changers sales promotion.

  • 20131106_115113_261x261_crop_and_resize_to_fit_478b24840a

    15 000th Tap Changer

    The 15 000th unit of Tap Changer type RS 9.3 was manufactured.

  • News_09'13_261x261_crop_and_resize_to_fit_478b24840a

    Established Cooperation with Siemens Transformer

    As result of the audit carried out in September, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria and Siemens Transformer Voronezh concluded an agreement for delivery of tap changers.

  • RSv5_261x261_crop_and_resize_to_fit_478b24840a

    New OLTC

    The tests for RSV 9.3 | 1500, the newest OLTC type with vacuum interrupters, were completed successfully.