Quality Assurance

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The quality assurance in Elprom Heavy Industries is performed according to the certified under ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

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The quality control includes:

  • Incoming quality control of the materials and the accessories.

    All materials undergo different types of incoming quality control. Materials essential for the overall quality of our products undergo tests in the company testing laboratories.


  • Quality control during manufacturing stages.

    During the manufacturing process all stages are monitored according to approved by the top management Quality plan


  • End control and testing.
    All Tap Changers undergo routine tests according to IEC 60214 or other international standard.


Type and special test are performed when introducing new series of Tap Changers and at regular intervals of 5 years.

All tests are performed in the company testing laboratory as well as in internationally acknowledged independent laboratories such as KEMA - Holland, CESI - Italy, ZKU - Czech Republic, KERI - Korea and others.


Laboratory "Tap Changers"


The main function of the Tap Changer laboratories is to perform type, routine an special tests, in accordance with the requirements of the standards and the customers.

Four separate laboratories exist:
  • Laboratory "Type tests", where the following tests are performed:


Temperature rise of the contacts
Service duty tests at rated step voltage
Transition impedance tests
Mechanical tests - sequence; pressure and vacuum tests; mechanical tests at -25°C; mechanical endurance tests


  • Laboratory "Thermodynamic tests", where the following tests are performed:


Short circuit tests (up to 120 KA)
Breaking capacity tests
Other tests of electrical apparatuses


  • Laboratory "Dielectric tests"


  • Laboratory "Routine tests"


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