Manufacturing Program

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Value from Innovation and Experience


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  • Own patent-protected design using up-to-date technical achievements.


  • 60 years of experience in production. With more than 55'000 pcs produced so far, we are among the leading companies in the world.


  • Products  are  successfully  tested  by  independent  laboratories  like  KEMA - Holland, CESI - Italy, ZKU Czech Republic, KERI - Korea, etc. and are approved by many national electricity authorities.


  • Flexibility to change the design of our products in order to meet completely your technical requirements and delivery terms.


  • Compact design and dependable technical parameters will reduce the overall dimensions and weight of your transformer.


  • Design guarantees reliable operation and easy maintenance. 


  • The Tap Changers manufactured in Elprom Heavy Industries are installed in a wide range of transformers and are currently in operation in Russia, South Korea, Romania, United States and many other countries in Asia, Europe, South and North America. Our basic Tap Changer series comply with the requirements of the IEC 60214-1.